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Keeping on the cycle

Why use Tree Water Technologies

We come from the industrial world and are aware of the efforts you are making to improve your environmental footprint. It is nevertheless complex to control all the parameters and to comply with ever more restrictive legislation which could endanger certain activities.

Therefore, it is a question of providing an adapted response combining performance, discharge limitation, health and environmental security or even going towards an economic recovery of your effluents.

Our research work in these fields allows us to offer turnkey treatment or recycling solutions and to industrialize our methodologies around innovative technologies.

The central element of our systems is based on an advanced UV / H2O2 oxidation process. It can be combined with upstream and downstream treatment bricks to adapt to your effluents’ quality.

Our technologies allow us to control and guarantee an efficient treatment optimized in energy and limited in consumption of chemical reagents, see complete recycling loops.

Approach – expertise

As each project is unique, our approach consists in implementing a tailor-made solution on the basis of an industrialized and perfectly mastered standard protocol:


Feasibility study:

  • Bibliography
  • Preliminary laboratory tests
  • Characterization of the processing chain


Setting up a pilot

  • Equipment sizing and configuration
  • Control and piloting protocol definition
  • Data collection and processing/configuration adjustment
  • Pilot validation and acceptance


Industrialization and deployment(s)

  • Pilot optimisation on each industrial device
  • Implementation & roll out of the follow up protocols
  • Transfer knowledge: monitoring, maintenance and safety

Advanced oxidation Treatment principle

Treewater UV/H2O2 technology combines treatment with ultraviolet rays (disinfection) and hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). The addition of hydrogen peroxide results in an advanced oxidation process which produces highly reactive OH▪ hydroxyl radicals capable of non-specifically oxidizing organic pollutants. Our UV/H2O2 technology can treat a wide range of pollutants and adapt to the incoming water’s quality.

1. UV rays transform hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals.
2. Hydroxyl radicals attack and break down pollutants.
3. UV rays disinfect water at the same time

See the video

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Example of effluent treatment

Treewater’s proposed UV/H2O2 process makes it possible to treat a broad spectrum of pollutants:

  • Reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Increased biodegradability of effluents
  • Reduction of refractory organic molecules such as Phthalates, Atrazine or nonylphenols…




wastewater recycling (REUT)

Because the potential for recycling effluents is significant and today it is under exploited, we bring our expertise to reduce water consumption and treatment costs. We integrate the Treewater advanced oxidation process in a Skid in combination with pre-treatment or post-treatment processes to guarantee water quality compatible with your needs (cleaning, process water, etc.)

Advantages of UV/H2O2 technology

The UV/H2O2 process developed by Treewater allows the treatment of a wide spectrum of organic pollutants:

  • Optimized treatment control according to the incoming water quality
  • Adaptation to a large panel of organic molecules
  • No use of toxic products
  • Autonomous and space-saving system
  • Low operational and investment costs
  • Reduced maintenance