Life RECYCLO will bring an innovative wastewater recycling solution to market. The 3 laundry partners are showcased in this project and demonstrate the efficiency and necessity of the RECYLO process in the laundry sector.

Life RECYCLO's project objectives

Reduction of water consumption

• To recycle at least 50% to 80% of wastewater produced by laundries into their washing process.

• To demonstrate that water regenerated by the RECYCLO process can be recycled in laundry activities.

Emitting zero pollution

• To eliminate more than 90% of emerging pollutants from laundry effluents currently observed: Phthalates, PAHs, AOX, PFOS…

• To allow total disinfection of wastewater.

• To valorize 100% of sludge produced by RECYCLO process in low environmental impact routes.

Developing an economically reliable and eco-friendly process

• To make water reuse accessible to small and medium laundries.

• To task the RECYCLO technology from TRL 5 to 7.

• To reduce laundries’ water bills by 30%.

• To promote the local economy by using local suppliers.

• To get ETV label.

Anticipating European regulations on reuse and micropollutant discharge

• To prepare market uptake of this process.

• To develop a mobile skid to replicate effluent recycling on other industrial sectors.

• To test the removal efficiency on other emerging pollutants.

Promoting good water management practices

• To create contents to support decision making of industrials and policymakers.

• To raise awareness to the public and industry through 3 documentaries.

• To disseminate results to different stakeholders in other sectors.

• To establish a network around this project.

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