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Keeping on the cycle

Context: Application to the chemical industry

The project involves effluents from a chemical industry.

The volume of effluent is 1500 m3/d. The effluent contains residual acetic acid at concentrations ranging from 500 to 1000 µg/L, as well as traces of various organics.

Two types of effluent are being studied. The first is a calcium brine, which is the current process and contains residual lime. This effluent is currently treated only by flocculation and decantation. The second is a sodium brine, which is the evolution of the process and contains very little TSS.


The aim of the study carried out by Treewater is to design an acetic acid treatment solution to achieve a concentration close to 0

To this end, we are able to compare several technologies, in particular EAOP and UV/H2O2, in order to determine the solution that will provide the most efficient result.

Technology implemented

The Advanced Oxidation Process developed by Treewater has emerged as the most effective technology for treating these effluents. It enables treatment targets to be achieved with the sizing of several reactors and extremely well-controlled energy consumption.

The conditions were therefore validated by Treewater and a pilot plant was set up on site to carry out continuous treatment.