Producing snow

Keeping on the cycle

Producing snow from treated wastewater

The Snowbowl ski resort in Arizona (USA) was the first in the world to produce artificial snow from treated wastewater in 2008. Since then, other resorts with water constraints have invested in advanced treatment technologies to produce quality snow. Some examples are given below.


  • Mount Hotham
  • Mount Buller


  • Sundown Mountain Resort (Iowa)
  • Sunrise Park Resort (Arizona)
  • Waterville Valley ( New Hampshire)
  • The Longswamp Township resort (Pennsylvania)
  • Snowball ( Arizona)

The treatment technologies currently in use are based on membrane filtration (nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) + a UV refining treatment. Highly energy-intensive, they also produce filtrates that need to be reprocessed.

Treewater’s advanced oxidation technology is a relevant solution because it provides advanced water disinfection and eliminates refractory micropollutants. Coupled with a refining treatment (activated carbon), it produces water that meets international criteria for water recycling.