Axelera Innovation Award

Courant 812 prize

Treewater shares its expertise in EIN magazine

Treewater in BFM Lyon

The project is evolving!

Life RECYCLO docuseries - Episode 3

Life RECYCLO docuseries - Episode 2

Life RECYCLO - docuseries

Life RECYCLO - the docuseries

World water day

TreeWater featured in "L'Echo Drôme - Ardèche"

TreeWater featured in "Les Echos"

Washing clothes with recycled water: an article from POP'SCIENCES Mag

First RECYCLO technology prototype up and running!

Advanced oxidation and groundwater

An innovative chemical effluent treatment solution

Treatment of pharmaceutical effluents

Cosmetics effluent treatment

Drought and water resource shortages

Introduction of the "Electrotate technologie, nominated for the green industry innovations competition

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