Treewater, finalist for the Courant 812 prize

On 7 June, Marc-Emmanuel BOUCHARD, co-founder of Treewater, attended the 51st Courant 812 event to receive the "Courant 812" prize, which rewards innovations linked to the development of low-carbon energy and the preservation of biodiversity.

The prize was presented by Thierry Baglan, Chairman of Courant 812 and Director of the Greater Geneva Berne area (GGBa), and Gilles Mulhauser, Director General of the Office de l'eau du canton de Genève, who represent Courant 812 and its desire to create a collaborative space for Franco-Swiss exchange. 
Treewater was a finalist for the prize for its technology for treating and recycling industrial effluent, which consumes 20 times less energy than existing processes. 

Courant 812