Axelera Innovation Award

Treewater wishes to highlight its collaboration with the CNRS in the transfer of a breakthrough technology that will be marketed by 2026.

The aim of the Electrotate project is to develop an advanced electrochemical oxidation process for treating or recycling effluent without the addition of chemicals and with low energy consumption. This process is an alternative to effluent incineration, and will also eventually be able to eliminate highly refractory pollutants such as PFAS (eternal pollutants).

This is a technological breakthrough protected by a French patent (2020) and extended to European level (2023).

The inventor of the Electrotate process is Emmanuel Mousset, a research fellow at the CNRS. After 5 years of working on developing this innovation, Emmanuel Mousset has asked Treewater to work on maturing the technology. This is a logical follow-up to the various scientific collaborations already undertaken.

So, at the end of 2021, Treewater bought the patent rights from the CNRS to pursue the industrialisation of the process.

On 20 June 2024, Treewater was awarded the Axelera Innovation Trophy at the "AXELERA Day" event, which brings together members of the competitiveness cluster, players in industry, chemistry and training in the fields of chemistry and the environment.