Treewater's innovative chemical effluent treatment solution

A major actor of the chemical industry is facing a critical environmental challenge linked to the management of its effluents. With a production rate of up to 100 m3/day for six months of the year, the company needs to find an effective solution for treating its effluents and reducing the concentration of pollutants, while maintaining strict quality standards.

This manufacturer recently undertook a major project to treat the effluent from its production line, which has a volume of 1,500 m3 per day and contains residual concentrations of excess organic compounds.

Faced with these environmental challenges, Treewater was commissioned to carry out an in-depth study to design a treatment solution capable of reducing the concentration of its main pollutants to less than 1 mg/L. With this in mind, several technologies were compared, including Advanced Electro-Oxidation (EAOP) and Treewater’s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), a combination of UV/C rays and Hydrogen Peroxide (UV/H2O2), to determine the most effective solution to meet the specific needs.

After in-depth analysis, the AOP proved to be the most effective technology for treating the customer's chemical effluent. This innovative process makes it possible to achieve the treatment objectives by sizing several reactors, while ensuring extremely well-controlled energy consumption.

On the strength of this expertise, Treewater validated the treatment conditions and set up a pilot module on the customer's site, enabling continuous treatment to be carried out.

At a time when companies are increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint and water resources are diminishing every year, the challenge of effectively treating and recycling chemical effluents is paramount. Treewater's expertise and its Advanced Oxidation process allows the chemical manufacturers to rely on a tailor-made solution for recovering their effluents, while complying with the required quality standards. This collaboration bears witness to the growing importance of research and innovation in the field of industrial effluent treatment for a more sustainable future.

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