PFAS and water resources: how to tackle the issue?

Treewater shared its expertise on PFAS with the magazine l'Eau, l'Industrie et les Nuisances for this month's issue on the topic of PFAS.

In just a few years, PFAS have become a major environmental concern. A regulatory framework, technical solutions and measurement methods are gradually being put in place to clean up bodies of water and the environment and protect the population. But it will be a long and costly process.

Treewater specialises in the treatment and recycling of industrial effluents, and recommends treatment by electro-oxidation: "This technology enables direct oxidation of PFAS (breaking the C-C bond) but also generates reduction mechanisms. This technology has produced excellent results for PFAS parent molecules (>90% reduction on simple and real matrices), as well as for the by-products generated (significant reduction in AOF during treatment)".

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