First RECYCLO technology prototype up and running!

The first prototype of the RECYCLO technology was completed at Treewater in September. It was then transported to Girona, Spain, for installation in the Ramon Noguera Foundation laundry.

Set up in October. It is monitored and analyzed by Treewater and the Catalan Institute for Water Research, with regular water sampling before and after treatment. All that remains to be done now is to verify the effectiveness of the process, and in particular its ability to eliminate the pollutants present in wastewater from washing machines.
from washing machines. The aim is to reduce pollutants by up to 90% and recycle up to 80% of the water!
Once the process has been validated, the treated and purified water will then be reinjected into the laundry's water circuit for reuse.

To mark the installation of its first prototype, the project partners organized a technology inauguration event on October 26 in Girona. Around thirty people - scientists, laundry managers and journalists - attended a presentation of the project, a tour of the laboratories of the Catalan Institute for Water Reserach and a presentation of the prototype in the Grup Fundacio Ramon Noguera laundry.

During this event, we also hosted an exhibition of posters from the LIFE WAT'SAVEREUSE and LIFE BIODAPH2O projects: two other fine LIFE projects focusing on wastewater reuse.

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