Washing clothes with recycled water: experimentation on laundry water

Life RECYCLO is a partner of the new issue of Pop'Sciences Mag, "Eau, maintenant ou jamais", the 12th issue of the Université de Lyon magazine.

On the agenda for this twelfth issue: water, between preserving the resource and managing its use in human activities.

This issue takes a multi-disciplinary look at the future of our relationship with water. With the support of scientists, this new issue will focus on a number of themes, such as the consequences of climate change on aquatic environments, the reuse of wastewater and the place of this essential resource in our agricultural model.

In this issue, discover an entire article dedicated to the Life RECYCLO project and the recycling of wastewater in laundries.

Click here and read about the latest advances in this project in this Pop'Sciences Mag article.

You can find the full version of the magazine here.

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