Job offers:


R&D Project Manager

Contract typeCDI

Country: France

City: LYON

Job description:

The tasks and duties of a R&D project manager are divided into 2 main activities:
on the one hand, R&D activities relating to the management and monitoring of development projects, on the other hand, the commercial
activities relating to the management of industrial projects from the technical definition to the support of
installation on site.

The R&D activities for the position in question are based on major projects such as
the European LIFE environment project (LIFE RECYCLO), the main objective of which is to set up
wastewater recycling pilot units in three European laundries (France, Luxembourg,
Spain). The project brings together 6 partners over a total duration of 30 months and started in October 2021.
The first prototype will be set up at the end of April in Girona (Spain).
The R&D project manager will take over the coordination of the project.


  • Coordinate and monitor scientific tasks, in close collaboration with partners, laboratories and possible contractors
  • Write technical and administrative reports in accordance with European LIFE requirements.
  • Coordinate the administrative and financial part of the LIFE programme with the financial department.
  • Lead the communication and awareness-raising process.
  • Organise conferences or technical exchange days for the different types of actors and training for different audiences.
  • Monitor expenditure and the planning of project actions.
  • Follow up and carry out the administrative and technical reporting in accordance with LIFE regulations

The Project Manager will be responsible for participating in and coordinating major product development projects, including patented technologies or moving towards patenting. The activities will include:
  • Coordinating activities between the various scientific actors and partners: laboratory technicians, domain experts, partner laboratories and funding bodies.
  • Establishing the roadmap integrating the notions of milestones, resources and budget
  • Set up actions to increase visibility: conferences, scientific presentations, publications.
  • Participate in the setting up of industrial partnerships for the product industrialisation phases.

Finally, the R&D project manager will have to manage commercial projects by ensuring the monitoring and coordination of the following actions:

  • Managing scientific studies aimed at determining the optimal treatment combinations to achieve the treatment objectives defined by the client.
  • Presenting the results of studies and pilots and drawing up the associated reports.
  • Ensure the scientific transfer to industrialists in order to allow the constitution of industrialisation files.
  • Assist the installation teams in adjusting the scientific parameters, setting up tests and other analyses leading to acceptance
  • Carry out scientific investigations in the event of deviations between expected and observed results.
  • Participate in the preparation of industrial files